Figg's Ordinary
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chestertown / maryland

Figg’s Ordinary

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a place to gather

Ordinaries first came to be during colonial days, providing food, drink, and a gathering place for townspeople, merchants, politicians, and farmers to come together and share ideas, thoughts, and plans, all over good food and drink. Figg’s takes the ordinary of the colonial era, and brings it into the modern age. Community is essential to daily life here on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, and we want to provide a space where our community can come together and get to know one another, building and enhancing our community over food grown by our community that nourishes all members of our community, regardless of dietary needs.


extra-‘ordinary’ ingredients

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located in historic downtown Chestertown, MD



207 S. Cross St. #102,

Chestertown, MD, 21620


Sun-Mon: Closed

Tues-Fri: 7am-3pm

Sat: 8am-3pm