Figg’s Ingredients

Where our ingredients come from is of the utmost importance to our food and our operational philosophy. Not only does buying locally support our friends, neighbors, and local economy, but it also reduces our business’s carbon footprint. By purchasing the majority of our ingredients locally, those ingredients travel far less than they would have to if we chose to purchase from national/international distributors. Although it costs a little extra, knowing where our food comes from and practicing the virtues we preach is important to us. Now, take a minute to learn about the lovely farms where our ingredients come from!


Red Acres Farms

All of our lettuces come from Red Acres Farms, of Worton, MD. Red Acres is a 6th generation Century Farm, specializing in hydroponic produce. Since all of our lettuce is grown locally, in small batches, and by people we know, we are confident in its quality and have never had to worry about its safety amidst national food crises with giant agriculture companies. Compared to traditional farming, hydroponic farming methods use 1/3 the amount of water, require no pesticides, and use less fertilizer, resulting in a product that is good for both you and the environment.

Runner Duck Farms

If you don’t yet know what a runner duck is, please, before you do anything else, click here. In addition to being insanely adorable, runner ducks also produce delicious, healthy eggs! Our friends Andy and Tambra over at Runner Duck Farms in Chestertown, MD bring us the most flavorful, delicious eggs from their lovely free-range heritage chickens and runner ducks, all of whom are incredibly loved by wonderful people.



Priapi Gardens

Priapi both carries some of our goodies and supplies us with some ingredients for us to make those goodies! Priapi is one of our suppliers for vegetables, herbs, fruits, and more. Located in , Cecilton MD, Priapi is also home to a nursery, and is run by our good friends, Vic and Mary Priapi.

Hummingbird Farms

We get our juicy, delicious hydroponic tomatoes from Hummingbird Farms, Inc., located in Ridgeley, MD. Hummingbird grows tomatoes year-round, without the use of pesticides, and provides us with the hearts of many a sandwich, soup, and salad at Figg’s!



Unity Churchill Nursery

Unity Churchill Nursery is another local farm, located out in Church Hill, MD that provides us with produce for our foods. In addition to their fabulous nursery and bountiful plants for your garden, Unity grows and sells a wide variety of delicious, organic vegetables that go into our food at Figg’s.

La Colombe Coffee

In a small town like Chestertown, we want to be sure that we are providing the very best for our friends, neighbors, and customers, particularly when it comes to something as essential as coffee! La Colombe not only impressed us with the quality of their coffee and the range of products offered, but also with their commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices. We are proud to use their delicious coffee beans for our coffee and espresso beverages, and to stock their canned latte beverages in our coolers. In addition to carrying their products and roasting their coffee, we also sell La Colombe beans for you to take home!



Herbal Alchemy Teas

Owned and operated by our good friends Deb Mizeur and Krista Lamoreaux, Herbal Alchemy provides us with some of our absolute favorite teas! We’re a little partial to our personalized Figg’s blend, but their Spring and many other delicious blends are absolutely lovely as well. And with a wide range of tea varieties, they have us stocked for any kind of tea you might desire! In addition to serving their teas in our store, we also sell their loose leaf teas for you to take home.

Samovar Teas

We first heard of Samovar while doing some early tea research (yes, that’s a thing people do!), and we were immediately impressed with their business, philosophy, and products. Started out of San Francisco, Samovar has expanded somewhat across the country, and has wonderful teas. We’ve begun carrying Samovar’s Masala Chai Black loose-leaf tea to purchase, and serve it in-house as well.



Oksana’s Produce Farm

In addition to our house-made kimchi and fermented foods, we have begun to carry and incorporate fermented foods from Oksana’s Produce Farm into our menu. We stock her: Daikon Radish, Apple Cranberry Kraut, and Carrot Cabbage Kraut. Operated by Oksana Bocharova right here in Chestertown, MD, Oksana’s products are familiar to many of our local clients, as she sells her products elsewhere in town as well!


Trickling Springs Creamery

In addition to our many non-dairy options, we also have much need for traditional dairy creams and milks, which we source from Trickling Springs Creamery. When we first heard of Trickling Springs, we were initially attracted by their reusable containers, and since tasting their delicious dairy products and learning more about their business practices, we’ve only come to love them more! Click here to learn more about where our dairy products come from and why we’re proud to use their products in our baked goods, coffees, and more!


Chapel’s Country Cheese

Independent, family-run Chapel’s Country Creamery is located on 45 acres of beautiful land in Easton, Maryland. Since 2017, Chapel’s Country has been providing the Eastern Shore with award-winning farmstead cheeses from the milk of their Jersey and Holstein cows. You may have had our delicious “Cheddar-by-way-of-Easton” sandwich—Chapel’s is where we get that delicious cheddar! Click here for more info!

Eve’s Cheese

Located just down the street from our Chestertown home are our neighbors at Eve’s Cheese! Eve’s cheeses are made with milk from Fawnwood Farm, a third-generation Kent County farm filled with happy, grass-grazing Jersey, Guernsey, Swiss, and Milking Shorthorn cows. The milk used for Eve’s Cheeses never contains antibiotics or chemical compounds to increase production, and this focus on quality can be tasted in their delicious cheeses. Click here to learn more!



La Dolce Vita

Also located just down the street from our Chestertown home are our neighbors at La Dolce Vita farm. Growers of delicious fruits, herbs, vegetables, and the best strawberries we’ve ever had, La Dolce Vita provides us with delicious, seasonal produce for our products at Figg’s. Click here for more info.


Lockbriar Farms

You may have seen them at the Chestertown Farmers’ Market, stopped by for some U-Pick fruits, or snacked on their ice creams on a hot summer’s day; regardless of how you know them, we’re sure you know our friends at Lockbriar Farms! Having been family owned and operated for 30 years, Lockbriar has become a staple of the Chestertown community for its high-quality, fresh, seasonal produce. Click here for more information!