Ingrid Hansen

founder, ceo

Ingrid Hansen has been a part-time resident of Chestertown for some twenty years now, going back and forth between Eastern and Western shores with her wife Lynn and their two children. Ingrid first came to Chestertown on a vacation in her twenties, and immediately fell in love. She started Figg’s as a stand in the farmers’ market after playing around with gluten-free flours and sensing a need in the town’s culinary and social scene. Ingrid previously owned and operated her own art gallery in Washington, DC, and holds an MBA and MA in Art History from George Washington University.


Amy Stinnett

manager & head baker

A Kent County native, Amy has worked in the baking business for many years, with a particular talent for exquisite cake decoration. You may have seen her at Sweet Melissa’s in Middletown, DE, where she also works as a baker.


Claire Hansen

tea program manager, assistant baker, and resident “Super taster”

Claire has always had a knack for all things baking. When not kneading dough at Figg’s, Claire works as the Pre-Law Advisor and Coordinator for the Center for Career Development at Washington College. As the eldest child of Figg’s founder Ingrid Hansen and her wife Lynn Bergeson, Claire has grown up with flour in the air, and has developed a flair all their own. Claire is also current President of Upper shore Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) and holds an MA in English Literature from McGill University and a BA from Washington College.

Hansen 3923 AA013 copy.jpg

Lorentz Hansen

media & communications manager, photographer

Having developed a gluten sensitivity at age 20, Lorentz has been more than happy to taste-test Figg’s products since the beginning. Among other things, Lorentz works as a freelance photographer, supplying the images on this website, and works as Media and Communications Manager for Figg’s. Outside of Figg’s, Lorentz works part-time as a Paralegal/Legal Assistant, and is preparing to begin law school in the fall.