Thanksgiving Menu

Thanksgiving menu


This Thanksgiving, let us take care of some of the work so you can have a more relaxing holiday, while still making sure that all of your guests can enjoy their holiday feast!

Place your special orders via phone or email (see contact info at bottom of page) by Saturday, November 17 at noon, for pickup on Tuesday, November 20 all day or on Wednesday, November 21 until noon.

main course

Each head serves 3-4 adults, cauliflower size will vary.

Roasted Cauliflower Head | $14 Whole locally grown cauliflower head, dusted with thyme, sage, allspice, and sea salt, and spritzed with olive oil before it is roasted whole and ready to be carved. Vegan.

side dishes

Each side comes in quart-sized portions, serving ~3-4 adults. All dishes vegetarian and gluten-free. Vegan variations available upon request.

Mushroom Stuffing | $8 A savory blend of Figg’s bread, roasted mushrooms, celery, and onions, seasoned with salt, sage, and thyme.

Roasted Butternut Squash Soup | $8 One of our personal favorites, a hearty, delicious autumnal dish, made from a blend of roasted butternut squash, root vegetables, coconut milk, and a handful of spices. Vegan.

*Ask about our Whipped Potatoes and Mac & Cheese if you’re interested in more sides!


All sauces vegetarian and free of gluten and refined-sugar. Each sauce comes in a quart-sized portion.

Mushroom Gravy | $6.50 House-made thick, savory gravy made from mushrooms. Vegan option available.

Cranberry Sauce | $6.50 Slow-cooked fresh cranberries, stirred together with a dash of coconut sugar and a handful of orange zest. Vegan.


All breads gluten and refined-sugar free.

Figg’s Dinner Rolls | $8 Our signature rolls—soft, tender, moist, just slightly sweet—you wouldn’t even know these rolls are gluten-free (we promise)! One order contains 12 rolls.

Figg’s Sandwich Loaf | $9 Our classic multigrain loaf, perfect for those highly-anticipated leftover turkey sandwiches! Made with oat, amaranth, and tapioca flours. Vegan and oat-free versions available upon request. Standard 9 inch loaf.

Breakfast Bakery Assortment available upon request. Includes muffins, scones, and cinnamon/apricot buns. Price varies according to size.


All dishes gluten and refined-sugar free. Vegan variations available upon request. All pies 9 inches.

Figg’s Apple Pie | $20 A holiday classic—juicy local apples sliced and tossed with cinnamon, a dash of ginger and vanilla, and just a tiny bit of coconut sugar, enveloped in our famous flaky crust.

Figg’s Pumpkin Pie | $18 Organic pumpkin purée, stirred together with cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, a hint of Maryland maple syrup and honey, and baked in our signature flaky crust.

Chocolate Truffles | $7.50 box or $1.25 each Our decadent* chocolate truffles are perfect for a small snack (or a bite-sized dessert in between slices of pie…). Come in boxes of 6. Perfect host gifts! *Secret healthy ingredient (sweet potato) hidden in our blend!

Cookie and Brownie Platter available upon request. Price varies according to size.